Blended Giving:
Make an Impact Now and Later

You can make a difference at ORT America both today and tomorrow. How? By combining a current gift with one for the future. This type of giving, called blended giving, allows you to make an even bigger impact than you thought possible.

Making a blended gift is easier than you think. Simply choose a gift that works for you today and pair it with one for the future.

Why Blended Giving?

When you combine a gift today with a gift for the future, you:

  • Make an impact on ORT America’s programs today.
  • Ensure your support for ORT America continues into the future.
  • Qualify for tax benefits with certain gifts.

Plan Your Giving Strategy

Finding the best combination of gifts to meet your charitable and financial goals can be challenging. We are happy to work with you and your financial advisor or estate planning attorney to help you find the best giving options to meet your needs.

Do More Than You Imagined

See the impact you can make at ORT America both today and in the future. Contact Robin Isaacson at or 212.547.9150 to learn more, or for help getting started finding the right gift for you.